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A Statement from the Museum

We are in the midst of a historic moment in our nation. Current events have brought to light the continued disparities experienced by people of color in all aspects of our society. Our response to the causes and consequences of these inequalities will have a long-term impact on the equity of our systems and the fairness of our institutions.

The NC Museum of History has joined other museums across the country in openly condemning racism, but now it is time to move beyond expressions of support. If the museum is truly committed to dismantling systemic injustice, we must follow up on our statements with actions. Under my direction, the museum will re-examine all our services, including collecting policies, exhibition plans, public programs, and staff representation, with the goal of eliminating inherent racism and internal bias. 

As a public institution, we must reflect and support the diverse communities we serve. But we cannot do this alone. During this transformative period, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please share your thoughts with us through our webform below. Together we can make meaningful changes in the museum that will have a profound and lasting effect on us all. 

Ken Howard

Director, North Carolina Museum of History