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Artifact Analysis Sheet

Part 1

Step 1: Observation

Use your five senses to record as many observations as you can about your artifact. Include size, shape, color, sound, markings, decorations, materials, smell, condition, and texture.

Step 2: Analysis

Using the information from your observation, answer the following questions: How was the object made? How could it have been used? Who might have made it? Where might it have been made or used?

Step 3: Hypothesis

Look at your analysis information and based on your records, come up with one hypothesis (well-reasoned guess) as to what your artifact is.

What was the best evidence for your idea?

Part 2

Using your observations above and your further research, answer the following questions:

What is the name of the artifact? 

What is it made of?

Who made it (person or company)? 

How was it made (by hand or by machine)?

What was it originally used for?

What other uses could it have had?

Why do you think it is important?

How old is it?

Has it been changed or repaired?

What source(s) of information (interviews, books, diaries, etc.) did you use?

Where could you find more information?