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Artifact Analysis Sheet

Part 1

Step 1: Observation

Use your five senses to record as many observations as you can about your artifact. Include size, shape, color, sound, markings, decorations, materials, smell, condition, and texture.






Step 2: Analysis

Using the information from your observation, answer the following questions: How was the object made? How could it have been used? Who might have made it? Where might it have been made or used?






Step 3: Hypothesis

Look at your analysis information and based on your records, come up with one hypothesis (well-reasoned guess) as to what your artifact is.


What was the best evidence for your idea?




Part 2

Using your observations above and your further research, answer the following questions:

What is the name of the artifact? _____________________________________________

What is it made of? ______________________________________________________

Who made it (person or company)? __________________________________________

How was it made (by hand or by machine)? ____________________________________

What was it originally used for? _____________________________________________

What other uses could it have had? __________________________________________

Why do you think it is important? ____________________________________________

How old is it? ___________________________________________________________

Has it been changed or repaired? ___________________________________________

What source(s) of information (interviews, books, diaries, etc.) did you use?

Where could you find more information? _______________________________________