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History à la Carte: The Day We Walked on the Moon

Wednesday, Aug. 14, noon–1 p.m. in Daniels Auditorium

Come early or stay late to visit the museum’s lobby exhibit, One Giant Leap: North Carolina and the Space Race, and enjoy a free screening of The Day We Walked on the Moon, a documentary from Smithsonian Channel. 

Documentary description: On July 16, 1969, hundreds of thousands of spectators and an army of reporters gathered at Cape Kennedy to witness one of the great spectacles of the century: the launch of Apollo 11. Over the next few days, the world watched on with wonder and rapture as humankind prepared for its "one giant leap" onto the moon--and into history. Witness this incredible day, presented through stunning, remastered footage and interviews that takes you behind-the-scenes and inside the spacecraft, Mission Control, and the homes of the astronaut's families.

Bring your own lunch; some beverages provided.

For information, call 919-814-7032.