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History + Highballs: Montfort Hall: Past, Present & Future

Thursday, July 30, 7 p.m.

Presenters: Jeff and Sarah Shepherd, husband and wife team behind the plan to make Montfort Hall an anchor in the local community.

Join us to hear about the history, current state and future plans of Montfort Hall. Built in 1858, Montfort Hall is one of the few remaining pre-Civil War houses in the area and is a National and Raleigh Historic Landmark. The Italianate style mansion sits at the entrance of the historic Boylan Heights neighborhood in Downtown Raleigh.

Over the last 162 years, the house has seen an array of different owners and physical changes. Montfort Hall, which was in a state of disrepair, is currently undergoing renovations for its next chapter. It is being transformed in to a boutique hotel, bar, event space and community hub. Register here.

About Jeff and Sarah:

Jeff and Sarah have always had a passion to open their own meaningful business in downtown Raleigh combining their creative passions with community. After walking by the property every day for almost decade, they are in the process of making their dream a reality. Sarah & Jeff have every intention of making Montfort Hall a thoughtful, inclusive space for their beloved neighborhood and city. (But no, they have never renovated a historic house before!) They have lived in the Boylan Heights neighborhood for almost 10 years and just welcomed their first baby this March.