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World War I Film Series: Sergeant York (1941)

Sunday, Mar. 25, 2 p.m.

MPAA rating: PG-V; run time: 134 min.

Alvin “Sergeant” York was a real-life Tennessee farmer from the mountains of Appalachia. A conscientious objector to fighting in the Great War, he was drafted into service and eventually became one of the country’s most decorated soldiers. Gary Cooper won an Oscar for his genuine portrayal of York. This is one in a monthly series of films meant to help interpret some of the scope and complexity of the Great War.

Major supporters of the exhibit North Carolina and World War I are the NC Museum of History Foundation and MOHA, the Museum of History Associates. Note: A simulated battlefield environment—including bright lights, flashing lights, and loud noises—in this exhibit may be disturbing to children or visitors with health concerns. In addition, some images may not be suitable for some visitors.