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(Closed) Collecting Carolina

Oct. 27, 2018, through Jul. 7, 2019

The logo for our exhibit, "Collecting Carolina."

Objects tell stories. Your North Carolina Museum of History collects objects–the things you create, use, and leave behind–to bring the state’s history to life. The objects in this case, chosen by our curators, showcase some of the stories that illustrate the richness of our state’s cultural heritage. What stories would the things in your life tell about you or your family?

Rotating installations will feature seldom-seen objects from our collections and share some of the unique stories curators glean from them.

Artifacts in this first round include a 1910–1911 woman’s athletic blouse, a 1972 Soap Box Derby racer, a Revolutionary War sword, a Muslim prayer rug, a carved shell, a set of segregation-era bathroom doors, a hand-painted folk-art bench, and a pair of ballet slippers.

Video by: Andre Taylor