MOHA France Benefactor Tour 2018 Blog

Welcome to the MOHA France Benefactor Tour 2018 Blog!

The purpose of this trip (and blog) is to commemorate the centennial of the end of World War I, known as "Armistice Day," coming up on November 11. The museum's award-winning exhibit, North Carolina & World War I, commemorates the 100-year-anniversary of North Carolinians entering the war and served as the inspiration for this trip.

Each blog post will be written by Chancy Kapp, a benefactor of the North Carolina Museum of History.

Enjoy this short series of blog posts, describing each day of the trip, and follow along the journey!

Members of the North Carolina Museum of History Associates (MOHA) at the Benefactor level or higher are invaluable to the success and sustainability of our state’s history museum. As such, the organization strives to bring extraordinary experiences to its patrons that connect their giving to the mission of both the Museum and MOHA.

Last year, support from MOHA members helped the Museum engage with more than 84,000 students, teachers, and visitors; 2,102 students received travel grants in 16 North Carolina counties; more than 75,000 students and educators across the state utilized educational resources provided by the Museum; and 440,000 total visitors passed through the Museum’s doors at no cost. These, and many other significant accomplishments, were realized by the Museum’s incredible exhibition and educational staff through funds raised by the North Carolina Museum of History Associates.