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History + Highballs: The Evolution of Female Superheroes: From Wonder Woman to Aza Comics

Thursday, Aug. 27, 7 p.m.

Presenter: Jazmin Truesdale, CEO of Aza Comics

Go on a journey with writer and creator Jazmin Truesdale as she shares the evolution of female superheroes from their first appearance in the 1940s to the Aza Comics superhero universe! Register here!

An email containing the URL for the online program will be sent twice to all registrants on the day of the program.

Jazmin Truesdale, also known as the ‘superwoman of superwomen’. is the CEO of Aza Comics, a superhero brand known for its roster of multicultural superheroines. She is a nerd at heart and loves science fiction, comic books, action movies, and the like.  It was her passion for more empowering female representation that led her to create the Aza Comics superhero universe.