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How We Got That

Do you ever wonder how museums "get things?" In this series, discover the stories behind our artifacts with Senior Registrar Camille Hunt.

The Veto Stamp

Camille Hunt details the history of a veto stamp that was used by Beverly Perdue, the first female Governor of North Carolina.

The Hollywood Costumes

Camille Hunt provides insight into how we got the iconic film costumes from The Hunger Games, The Conjuring, and Safe Haven.

The Outlaw's Shotgun

Camille Hunt discusses a double-barrel shotgun, which was owned by the outlaw Henry Berry Lowry during the Civil War, in this edition of How We Got That.

Vietnam War Era Uniform and Bronze Star

Camille Hunt discusses how the museum acquired this Vietnam War-era uniform and Bronze Star, worn by, and awarded to, Alfred Fowler.

The NASA Space Shuttle Tire

Camille Hunt discusses an artifact from the museum's collection, a tire from one of NASA's Space Shuttles.