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Videos on Demand

Enjoy narrative and documentary films based on primary sources which explore the people, things, and events of our past that together help tell the stories of the Tar Heel State.

North Carolina: Long Story Short!

14,000 years of history in 10 minutes. And it’s a musical! 11 min.

585 Days if You're Lucky

29 short films. North Carolinians’ actual experiences of the “War to end all Wars.” 2 to 11 min.

A Longleaf Fairytale

A forest shapes history? 8 min.

A Tale of Two Kitchens

Morning today/Morning 160 years ago. 2 min.


Artifact Chitchat

Some Colonial stuff speak for themselves. 7 min.

American Indians in North Carolina

Students discover fact and fiction about North Carolina American Indians. 10 mins.

Answering the Call: North Carolina Stories

North Carolinians’ experiences of war, 5 to 34 minutes

Friends in Liberty: North Carolina in the American Revolution

14-year old Hugh McDonald faces choices in 1776 North Carolina. 52 min.


Uncover women’s voices and our shared history through quilts. 35 min.

Moccasins to Motorcars

How you travel makes history. 17 min.

The Stories of North Carolina—Past Lives

Meet North Carolinians from the 1700s-1930s. 4 to 10 minutes

You Are Here!

The 10 Museum “Dos” and more! 8 min.


"You Have to Start a Thing"

 “Antis” and “Suffs” on Woman Suffrage. 25 min.

We travel across the state and through the museum to bring history to life. Missed us LIVE!? Watch now!

African American Life and Culture in North Carolina History: LIVE!

People of African descent from the past continue to shape our present. 65 min.

All Kinds of (Revolutionary) War, LIVE!

Decisions—under fire—in Revolutionary North Carolina. 39 min.

Dance, Music, Community: 25th Annual American Indian Heritage Celebration LIVE!

Explore the dances and music of contemporary North Carolina American Indians. 76 mins.

Manners Matter: The Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum: LIVE!

Educator. Civil Rights Leader. With Grace. 60 min.


North Carolina and World War I: LIVE!

Real stories, relics, and more from the museum’s immersive exhibit. 60 min.

North Carolina American Indians: LIVE!

Insights, artifacts, and history of North Carolina American Indians. 48 min.

One Giant Leap: North Carolina to the Moon [and Back]: LIVE!

Tar Heel State connections to the Space Race. 60 min.


Small Stuff/Big Stories: LIVE!

Everyday items tell stories and make history! 58 min.

Taking Off! LIVE!

Flying machines and the people who flew them—North Carolina style. 45 min.

The Capitol, Civics, and You!

One Building ≈ NC Civics History. 52 min.

Town Creek Indian Mound: LIVE!

14,000 years of history. American Indians in NC. 56 min.

Uniquely Somereset: LIVE!

Primary sources reveal the past. 52 min.

VIPs at Tryon Palace: LIVE!

Behind-the-scenes views of our colonial seat of government. 60 min.

Women Making History in North Carolina: LIVE!

Two exhibits, thousands of women. 63 minutes.