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For Homeschoolers

At the Museum

Time for Tots

On the first Tuesday of every month kids ages 3-5 years old learn about North Carolina history through a hand's on project and a story. Check out our calendar to learn more about the next Time for Tots class and sign up.

History Corner

On the first Wednesday of every month kids ages 6-9 years old learn about North Carolina history through a hand's on project. Head over to calendar for more on our next History Corner class.

History Hunters

On the first Wednesday of every month kids ages 10-13 years old learn about North Carolina history through discussion, exhibit visits, and a hands on project. Visit our calendar to see upcoming History Hunters class offerings.


Gallery-themed backpacks are available for parents with children ages 3 to 5. The backpacks are filled with activities to help you explore the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, The Story of North Carolina, and the history of our state's American Indians. Look for the backpack kiosk in the museum lobby or ask at the information desk, and join in the fun with your little ones!

Exhibit Gallery Activities

Explore our exhibit galleries with Colonel Fred Olds, founder of the museum, using the Fred’s Finds activities. Or visit a number of our permanent exhibits and look for special objects on a Museum Gallery Hunt. Print out forms from the links below or pick up copies at the information desk. They’ll help you find some of the colonel’s favorite artifacts and get you thinking together.

Tours of the Museum

The museum offers free guided and self-guided tours of exhibits. Discovery Tours, with a hands-on component, require a fee of $25 per class, plus state and local taxes.

At Home

History in a Box Kits

Bring the North Carolina Museum of History to you! Through our innovative "History-In-a-Box" Kits, educators can use a fresh approach to introduce topics in history! These multidisciplinary teaching tools provide you with background materials, reproduction artifacts, lessons, and activities that tie North Carolina history with language arts, science, math, and visual art.

Tar Heel Junior Historian Association

Imagine being part of a group that helped raise awareness and funding to restore the historic carousel at Raleigh’s Pullen Park. Or picture yourself in a group that discovered and documented a forgotten cemetery in New Bern. What if your research and activism resulted in the U.S. Coast Guard’s awarding a posthumous medal to the all–African American crew of the Pea Island Life-Saving Station 100 years after a heroic rescue? 

These projects were accomplished by students in North Carolina. They represent just a fraction of the work that has been done by Tar Heel Junior Historian Association (THJHA) clubs across the state. THJHA inspires and empowers North Carolina students to discover local and state history—in an active, hands-on way. The association also encourages junior historians to share what they learn. 

Videos on Demand

Learn about North Carolina history without ever having to open a textbook! Our on-demand streaming videos offer a fun and informative way to become an expert on the state's history.

Distance Learning

“Visit” the Museum of History through live two-way videoconferencing. Distance learning classes are interactive programs that allow students to see and touch reproduction artifacts as they explore a historical topic with a museum expert.