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If you are searching for innovative and stimulating staff development experiences, look no further! Designed for teachers, our exciting workshops combine historical content with innovative classroom applications.

Please check with your district professional development coordinator for information about continuing education credits.

Online Educator Workshops

These distance-learning programs are geared just for educators and for those interested in earning continuing education credits (up to forty contact hours per workshop). To review what types of credit are available for each workshop, click here. Access the workshops anytime during the program dates. You must have access to a computer with an Internet connection to participate in these courses.

The cost per workshop is $40; $25 for Associates with Education Memberships and for NCDNCR Employees. Each program is limited to thirty participants, so register early.

For more information, call 919-814-7028, e-mail or review our Online Workshop FAQs.

Upcoming Online Educator Workshops include:

African American Life and Culture in North Carolina History

What is the African American experience of North Carolina? How has it changed over time? Discover how African Americans formed and maintained community over time and learn of their many contributions to our state’s history.

January 5-February 15, 2023

Registration: Open

Revolutionary Times in North Carolina

The peoples living in North Carolina in colonial times had varied responses to how they were governed. “Liberty” had different meanings across this land. How and when some people chose a route to become self-governed, even to the point of revolution, as well as the ways this revolution manifested itself in the state are explored in this online workshop. Thanks to the North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati, this workshop is free to North Carolina educators. Limit of 30 per session. Transfers from other workshops are not permitted.

January 5-February 15, 2023

Registration: Closed

Women in North Carolina History

Women have made history in the land we call North Carolina for thousands of years. Women have made, and continue to make, history—despite legal, social, and racial disadvantages. Learning about their situations and contributions over time helps complete our understanding of shared history, and gain awareness and appreciation for how everyone’s lives impact our todays and tomorrows.

February 15-April 1, 2023

Registration: Open

Spring Break: April 2-May 21, 2023
Brother Can You Spare a Dime? The 1930s in North Carolina

What was life like for the average North Carolinian during the Great Depression? Educators will explore this question using photographs, oral histories, and in-depth articles in order to discover the effect of the Great Depression on the state and its people. To meet DPI deadlines, we offer this course on a condensed schedule.

May 22-June 22, 2023

Registration: Open

Antebellum Life in North Carolina

What images come to mind when you think about antebellum North Carolina? An examination of the population of North Carolina during the nineteenth century reveals a wide variety of people living in the state. Antebellum society was both class and color-conscious, with a triracial community of whites, blacks, and American Indians. Discover what life was like for people living in North Carolina before the start of the Civil War?

July 1-August 15, 2023

Registration: Open