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Welcome to the Bits of History Podcast!

From a look at early Spanish exploration of the mountains to an overview of the life and times of Jim Hunt to a deep dive into the development of the banjo, our Bits of History podcasts cover a wide range of subjects related to the North Carolina's history and culture.

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Most Recent Podcasts

Reconstruction and the Struggle for Racial Equality, a conversation with Brooks Simpson, PhD, professor American history, Arizona State University

Simpson’s edited collection of more than 120 speeches, newspaper and magazine articles, letters, and other period writings provides a sweeping view of the hope and despair that existed during the tumultuous period in American history following the Civil War, a time known as Reconstruction. Approximate run time: 37 minutes.

Ku-Klux and the Birth of the Klan, a conversation with Elaine Frantz, professor of American history, Kent State University

Six former Confederate soldiers organized a social club in 1866. It would become one of the most notorious white-supremacy groups in modern history. Frantz lends her historical insights by examining this group—based in the South yet influenced by northern culture and newspaper coverage. Approximate run time: 32 minutes.

North Carolina and the Franklin Statehood Movement, a conversation with Kevin Barksdale, professor of American history, Marshall University

In 1782, a group of North Carolinians living in several far western counties began a secession movement with the goal to form a future state of Franklin. The movement failed, yet it had a tremendous impact on how future states would be formed and approved. Approximate run time: 37 minutes.