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Bits of History Podcast

Welcome to the Bits of History Podcast!

From a look at early Spanish exploration of the mountains to an overview of the life and times of Jim Hunt to a deep dive into the development of the banjo, our Bits of History podcasts cover a wide range of subjects related to the North Carolina's history and culture.

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Most Recent Podcasts

North Carolina and the Franklin Statehood Movement, a conversation with Kevin Barksdale, professor of American history, Marshall University

In 1782, a group of North Carolinians living in several far western counties began a secession movement with the goal to form a future state of Franklin. The movement failed, yet it had a tremendous impact on how future states would be formed and approved. Approximate run time: 37 minutes.

A Personal Connection to HBCUs, a conversation between Taneya Thompson, undergraduate at North Carolina Central University, and André Vann, coordinator of University Archives and instructor of Public History at the university.

Taneya Thompson, a 2018 summer Museum of History intern, hosted this podcast—which explores her experiences as a student at NCCU, one of 11 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in North Carolina—with André Vann, whose own higher education is deeply intertwined in the culture and mission of HBCUs. Approximate run time: 28 minutes.

Ernie Barnes and the Merger of Art and Athlete, a conversation with Luz Rodriguez, trustee of the Ernie Barnes Estate

Noted for his unique style of elongation and movement, artist Ernie Barnes was the first American professional athlete to become a noted painter. His work as an artist led him far from his home in Durham, yet his childhood roots remained a constant influence as shown in an exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of History, The North Carolina Roots of Artist Ernie Barnes (June 29, 2018–March 3, 2019). Approximate run time: 29 minutes.