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Educator Notebooks

We’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our Educator Notebook series, Crafting Carolina! Enrich your studies of North Carolina history and culture by connecting the past to crafts that are easy and fun to make in your classroom. Supply lists and instructions are provided on each page! Make copies as needed for your students, and share accompanying histories to add meaning to the activities.

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The African American experience in North Carolina began at the same time as the European experience here. Together and separately, African Americans, American Indians, and European Americans formed communities for centuries. African Americans faced the immense struggle of creating and maintaining community in the face of enslavement, war, segregation, and prejudice. Over the years, they also fought and protested to maintain that community which has endured and grown, and today African Americans across the state share their unique heritage with others. Containing more than 50 articles from the award-winning Tar Heel Junior Historian magazine and over 40 lesson plans, this multidisciplinary Educator Notebook will enrich your exploration of North Carolina and American history. Endorsed by the North Carolina African American Heritage Commission. For grades 3-12.

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