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Join us for a LIVE! streaming event!

Museum educators, curators, and special guests share some “stuff” from our past and “meet” people from our history who helped shape our present. We stream LIVE! from the museum’s exhibits and from history spots around the state. Join us via YouTube or Vimeo; viewers can ask questions during the program and we’ll answer them LIVE! 

Check out our free LIVE! programs for 2019-2020 and register below. And watch all previous LIVE! events through our Videos on Demand

American Indians in North Carolina: Past and Present

Now a Video on Demand! Watch LIVE! as we explore the 1,000-year-old Town Creek Indian Mound, located in Montgomery County. Who were the people who lived here and what were their lives like? Why did they leave the region and where did they go? How are they represented in our state today? With the help of special guests from North Carolina American Indian tribes and site staff, we’ll investigate those questions and learn about the first peoples of our past and today. Sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. To supplement your students’ LIVE! experience, check out this American Indian coloring book, Powwow: The Heartbeat of a People; or use our American Indians in North Carolina Distance Learning on Demand program; and explore these additional resources.

American Indian Heritage Celebration-LIVE!

Now a Video on DemandIf you can’t visit the American Indian Heritage Education Day in-person, join us via LIVE! to hear music and see dances performed by North Carolina American Indian groups. This LIVE! event will not be hosted but will focus on providing access to the celebration taking place in the museum’s Daniels Auditorium. Sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Uniquely Somerset

Now a Video on DemandAs part of our Black History Month programming, watch and ask questions LIVE! as we explore the rich and complex stories of the people and spaces that make up Somerset Place, one of the largest plantations in North Carolina’s antebellum history. Discover who and what made Somerset Place exceptional and how we know about this site’s unique history and the people—enslaved and free—who lived here. Sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. To supplement your students’ LIVE! experience, check out this Mancala Craft and Game Activity; or use the Tar Heel Junior Historian article and graphic organizer to reinforce today’s program.

Women Making History in North Carolina

Now a Video on DemandWatch LIVE! as we discover two exhibits at the North Carolina Museum of History which recognize the contributions of many “unknown” women from our past. We’ll travel through QuiltSpeak, which shares women’s voices and stories through the quilts they made, with curator Diana Bell-Kite, as well as “You Have To Start A Thing,” which explores the fight to secure women’s right to vote in the Tar Heel State—during the battle before the 19th Amendment, and the ongoing struggle to ensure the voting rights for North Carolinians of color—with curator RaeLana Poteat. Use the Quilting Lesson Plan or Could You Have Voted? graphic with your students to enhance your LIVE! experience. Sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.