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2017 Workshops

Annual Convention 2017

Meet the Author

Children’s book author Kelly Starling Lyons explored wedding and Christmas traditions of enslaved African Americans through her books Ellen’s Broom and Hope’s Gift. In her workshop, junior historians received a peek into her writing and research process as she shared the history through an interactive reading. 

 Snapchat Texting Instagram Email During World War I

Students in this workshop learned some of the ways that soldiers and their loved ones communicated during World War I and had a chance to try their hand at a postcard with the writing tools of the time. 

Holiday Food History

Many favorite foods of southern Christmas celebrations, which we still enjoy today, have their roots in history and culture. In this session junior historians shared their own holiday food memories, and food writer Debbie Moose led them through a quick and easy version of ambrosia, a traditional holiday dish. 

Knitting for Victory

During WWI, home-front volunteers knitted socks and other garments for U.S. soldiers. Participants in this workshop learned how to knit using just their fingers!  

Sounds of Freedom

Members of Atumpan Edutainment led junior historians on a journey back in time through the Dismal Swamp to learn about Moses Grandy. The workshop covered how enslaved persons used music, dance, and stories as a voice towards freedom. 

North Carolina and World War I

Junior historians toured the museum’s groundbreaking exhibit North Carolina and World War I and had a chance to learn about the creation of the massive diorama and chat with a reenactor about the gear and life of a WWI soldier. 

History of the Raleigh Red Cross

The Raleigh Chapter of the American Red Cross was formed 100 years ago during World War I. Volunteers rolled bandages, made bed shirts for hospitalized soldiers, and provided canteen service for troop trains. Today the Red Cross is still here for North Carolinians when disaster strikes. In this workshop students learned new tips and tools to help them prepare for possible emergencies.

Poster Patriotism

Can you change attitudes with advertising? Students studied WWI posters from the nation’s first massive government ad campaign and created their own persuasive promotion. 

Meet the THJHA Team

This “Advisers Only” workshop gave club leaders a chance to interact with the museum staff members who serve as the THJHA team. The team members appreciated all the feedback and look forward to implementing some of the club leaders’ suggestions.