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(Closed) North Carolina & World War I

April 8, 2017, through Memorial Day 2019

The logo for our exhibit, "North Carolina & World War I."

Along with becoming the most-visited temporary exhibit in the museum's history, North Carolina & World War I was honored by the North Carolina Museums Council with the group's annual Award of Excellence!

Join the 600,000+ visitors who have experienced what it was like to "step in the boots" of a Tar Heel soldier during World War I!

This free, award-winning exhibit commemorates the centennial of US entry into World War I and focuses on North Carolina’s role in the War to End All Wars on the western front in France and Belgium. Visitors will experience a re-created trench warfare environment to discover what life was like for Tar Heel soldiers, who entered the war in 1917.

The 6,500-square-foot exhibition highlights approximately 500 artifacts, period photography, a trench diorama, historical film footage, educational interactive components, and video re-enactments that feature European and North Carolina soldiers and citizens to relate the stories of ordinary men and women from North Carolina who provided extraordinary service to their country 100 years ago.

Those who see the exhibit will never forget it, it’s that simple. In the museum’s long history, it may be the best exhibit of all. - Editorial Board, The News and Observer

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