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North Carolina Museum of History Foundation: Philanthropy Awards Dinner

The North Carolina Museum of History Foundation Philanthropy Award was established to recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the preservation, study, or understanding of North Carolina history.

We are thrilled to announce the 2022 Recipients:

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Neal Clinard
Dr. David Robert Hayworth
Mr. Earl Johnson, junior
Mr. and Mrs. Orris Temple Sloan, junior

Our 2022 Philanthropy Award Dinner Co-Chairs:

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. G. Alfred Webster
Mr. and Mrs. W. Dunlop White, junior


Qualities honored by the North Carolina Museum of History Foundation Philanthropy award include providing visionary leadership in promoting the study and understanding of the history of North Carolina; deepening the understanding of, and appreciation for, the history of our State through excellence in writing or scholarship; and providing exceptional commitment, service, and support to one or more history museums, historic sites, or other repositories of the history of our State.