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Docent Training Introduction


Spotlight Tours give visitors an opportunity to interact with docents at various points throughout the museum’s exhibits. Docents use Gallery Cart reproduction objects related to various topics in the exhibits to interpret the history of the people who have used those objects.

Each stop on a Spotlight Tour is designed to last no more than approximately 10 minutes. This allows school groups to see several stops during the one-hour visit they usually schedule for the museum.

Exhibits and Spotlight Tours

The Story of North Carolina

  • American Indian Tools and Weapons Gallery Cart 
  • Stamps, Tea, Taxes and Revolution Gallery Cart
  • Farm Chores in the Early 1800s Gallery Cart 
  • Naval Stores Industry in North Carolina Gallery Cart 
  • New Ways to Move Transportation Gallery Cart 

North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame 

A Call to Arms

  • Civil War Gallery Cart
  • World War II Gallery Cart 

Museum Sleuths

Edible North Carolina 

1920s Drugstore 

Additional Information

The Story of North Carolina: Early American Indian Tools and Weapons Gallery Cart