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Pre-Service Teacher Presentations

Part of our mission here at the North Carolina Museum of History it to take the museum’s resources Beyond The Exhibits (link to “In The Classroom”) and into classrooms. Our free Social Studies resources for teachers and students focus on the North Carolina experience and correspond to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Designed to provide high-quality and interactive learning experiences, no matter the Tar Heel zip code, these free programs and materials engage students in understanding the past and its connections to today.

Our resources include Distance Learning for Students, History-in-a-Box Kits, LIVE! streaming events, Tar Heel Junior Historian Association, Videos on Demand, and more!

Want a demonstration? Invite us to meet your preservice teachers and we’ll come to you to share our hands-on Beyond the Exhibits programs and materials, for free. Generally, presentations last an hour and allow opportunities to explore hands-on history resources, plus students participate in demonstrations of the programs. All Beyond the Exhibits programs and materials are available for pre-service teachers to use in their student teaching.

To request a presentation for your pre-service teachers, complete the form found below. We’ll be in touch to make arrangements.