Staff Directory


Staff Member Title/Section Phone Number E-mail Address
AK Brinson Communication and Marketing Officer/Community Engagement and Marketing 919-807-7943
Amme Fleming Graphic Designer/Editorial and Graphics 919-807-7893
B.J. Davis Section Chief/Education 919-807-7996
Barry Kral Guard/Security 919-807-7930  
Benjamin Filene Section Chief/Curation 919-807-7905
Bobby Foil Collections 919-807-7862
Camille Hunt Museum Registrar/Collections 919-807-7861
Carol Grossi Membership Director/MOHA 919-807-7853
Cathy East Editor, Tar Heel Junior Historian magazine Editorial and Graphics 919-807-7941
Charles Knight Military Curator/Curation 919-807-7993
Chelsea Jester Register/Museum Shop 919-807-7833
Chelsea Weger Assistant Outreach Coordinator/Education 919-807-7984
Cheri Williams Special Events Coordinator/Special Events 919-807-7875
Creigh Yarbrough Assistant to the Director/Administration 919-807-7873
Darryl Ketcham Graphic Designer/Editorial and Graphics 919-807-7890
Dawn Lowder Executive Director/NC Museum of History Foundation 919-807-7876
Dean Textor Guard/Security 919-807-7930  
Diana Bell-Kite Textile Curator/Curation 919-807-7955
Don Pendergraft Section Chief/Design 919-807-7895
Doris McLean Bates Section Chief/Editorial and Graphics 919-807-7944
Earl Ijames Curator, African American History/Curation 919-807-7961
Education Interns Education 919-807-7997  
Emily Grant Youth Programs Coordinator/Education 919-807-7979
Eric Blevins Photographer/Design 919-807-7898
Frank Bright Building Tech/Administration 919-807-7870
Gregory Cade Guard/Security 919-807-7931  
Hunter Diamond Director of Special Events/MOHA 919-807-7847
Jackson Marshall Deputy Director/Director's Office 919-807-7872
Jan Sweatt Curation Admin/Collections 919-807-7823
Jeanne Marie Warzeski Curator of Ethnohistory and Medicine/Curation 919-807-7962
Jennifer French Objects Conservator/Collections 919-807-7883
Jerry Taylor Videographer/Education 919-807-7972
Jessica Pratt Curator of Outreach and Tar Heel Junior Historian Association/Education 919-807-7985
Jim Huebler CFO/Director's Office 919-807-7871
Joel Rhodes AV Specialist/Design 919-807-7886
John Campbell Section Chief/Collections 919-807-7864
John Cope

     Associate Curator of Militaria and Exhibit Designer/Design

Jordan Madre Assistant Registrar/Collections 919-807-7891
Kara Meyer Associate Director/MOHA 919-807-7846
Karen Thornton Capital Area Visitor Services 919-807-7949
Katherine Beery Museum Registrar/Curator 919-807-7865
Katie Edwards Curator, Popular Culture/Curation 919-807-7894
Ken Howard Museum Director/Director's Office 919-807-7878
Kendra Floyd Textiles/Collections 919-807-7863
Kent Thompson Photographer/Design 919-807-7884
Kerry Burns Digital Marketing Manager/Community Engagement and Marketing 919-807-7977
Lauren Foil Front Desk 919-807-7900
Lauren Ossi Collections 919-807-7822
Lynn Brower Museum Shop Manager/Museum Shop 919-807-7831
Marc Fernandez Guard/Security 919-807-7930  
Marcie Gordon Section Chief/Community Engagement and Marketing 919-807-7995
Mary Taylor Finance/Administration 919-807-7997  
Matthew Mattox Design 919-807-7887
Michael Ausbon Curator, Decorative Arts/Curation 919-807-7866
Michelle Carr Grant Writer/NC Museum of History Foundation 919-807-7968
Nancy Pennington Education 919-807-7988
Obelia Exum Graphic Designer/Editorial and Graphics 919-807-7892
Omer Platero Guard/Security 919-807-7940  
Paige Myers Textiles/Collections 919-807-7860
Pam Critoria Controller/MOHA 919-807-7851  
Percia Swift Assistant Volunteer and Group Programs Coordinator/Education 919-807-7986
RaeLana Poteat Curator of Political and Social History/Curation 919-807-7960
Rick Peifer Electrician/Design 919-807-7888
Ron Johnson Guard/Security 919-807-7936  
Sally Bloom Longleaf Film Festival, Online Educator Workshops, Distance Learning, Videos on Demand/Education 919-807-7965
Stacey Smith Adult Programs/Education 919-807-7969
Stephen Evans Editor/Editorial and Graphics 919-807-7942
Stephen Gardner Design 919-807-7897
Stephen Nicholson Visitor Services Manager/Capital Area Visitor Services 919-807-7947
Terry Lewis Register/Museum Shop 919-807-7838  
Thom Swindell Section Chief/Administration 919-807-7907
Tommie Honeycutt Guard/Security 919-807-7935  
Vicky Huband Front Desk 919-807-7900
Wade Frazier Guard/Security 919-807-7933  
Wadron Headon Guard/Security 919-807-7921  
Whitney Watson Exhibit Designer/Design 919-807-7852
Front Desk - Lobby Front Desk - Lobby 919-807-7900  
Pharaoh's Museum Restaurant 919-807-7879  
Museum Shop Register 919-807-7835  
MOHA Main Line 919-807-7850