Answering the Call: North Carolina Stories

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Made for the museum’s military history exhibit, these narrative films are based on primary sources, sharing the experiences of people who served in the Spanish American War and World War II, all with North Carolina connections. A companion series, 585 Days, If You’re Lucky, follows eleven men and women with North Carolina connections from 1914 through The Great War.  To learn more about these individuals, check out these resources.

Spanish American War, 20 minutes

  • A Buffalo Soldier in Cuba based on the life of Frank Pullen
  • One of Six: Nursing on the Relief based on the life of Lucy Ashby Sharp
  • From Greensboro to the Philippines based on the life of David Gilmer]

World War II, 34 minutes

  • Making Music, Creating Change based on the Navy B-1 Band
  • WASPs Fly based on the oral histories of Kate Adams and  Eleanor Elaine Thompson Wortz
  • American Indian, American Aviator based on the oral histories of Thomas Oxendine
  • Firsts in Nursing based on the life of Della Raney
  • D-Day Plus 1 based on the oral history of Hugh Blair Cherry
  • No Mail, Low Morale  based on the oral histories of Millie Dunn Veasey
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