Museum Staff Directory

Department Name Job Title Phone Number Email
Administration Brian Allen Grants Administrator 919-814-6987
Administration Debra Campbell Administrative Specialist 919-814-6965
Administration Jennifer Gonzales Business Manager 919-814-6984
Administration Adele Alzubaidi Administration Specialist 919-814-7007
Administration Frank Bright Building Tech 919-814-6983
Administration Lauren Foil Front Desk Groups 919-814-7001
Administration Sylvia West Front Desk Visitors 919-814-7000
Administration Thom Swindell Section Chief 919-814-7005
Capital Area Visitor Services Karen Thornton Capital Area Visitor Services 919-814-6953
Capital Area Visitor Services Stephen Nicholson Visitor Services Manager 919-814-6951
Special Events Cheri Williams Special Events Coordinator 919-814-7075
Collections Camille Hunt Senior Registrar 919-814-6968
Collections Andrew Adams Artifact Preperator 919-814-7063
Collections Jennifer French Objects Conservator 919-814-6990
Collections John Campbell Section Chief 919-814-6978
Collections Stephanie Guidera Conservator 919-814-6977
Collections Jordan Madre Registrar 919-814-6998
Collections Lauren Ossi Assistant Registrar 919-814-6960
Collections Natalie Carpiaux Lead Artifact Preparator 919-814-6931
Collections Paige Myers Textile Conservator 919-814-6967
Curation Charles Knight Curator of Military History 919-814-7049
Curation Diana Bell-Kite Curator of Textiles and Clothing 919-814-7022
Curation Earl Ijames Curator of African American History 919-814-7025
Curation Katie Edwards Curator of Popular Culture 919-814-7003
Curation Yvette Pino Curator of Community and Social History 919-814-6972
Curation Kimber Heinz Curator of Curator of Political and Economic History 919-814-7041
Curation Michael Ausbon Curator of Decorative Arts 919-814-6981
Curation Raelana Poteat Chief Curator 919-814-7024
Design Bryan Bolduc Exhibit Installation Designer 919-814-6992
Design Daniel Spock Director of Exhibitions 919-814-7004
Design Joel Rhodes Audiovisual & Lighting Specialist 919-814-6993
Design John Cope Associate Curator of Militaria and Exhibit Designer 919-814-7006
Design Bryan Gaines Photographer xxx-xxx-xxxx
Design Kent Thompson Photographer 919-814-6991
Design Lindsay Davis Lighting and Interactive Designer 919-814-6995
Design Nathan Grimes Designer 919-814-6963
Design Trent Bowles Designer 919-814-6863
Director's Office J. Bradley Wilson Interim Director 919-814-7078
Director's Office Maria Vann Deputy Director 919-814-6985
Director's Office Mary J. Howard Human Resources 919-814-7021
Director's Office Robert Jahn Executive Assistant 919-814-6986
Editorial & Graphics Brooke Csuka Section Chief 919-814-7020
Editorial & Graphics Amber Revels-Stocks Historical Publications Editor 919-814-7058
Editorial & Graphics Amme Fleming Graphic Designer 919-814-7002
Editorial & Graphics Cathy East Editor, Tar Heel Junior magazine 919-814-7017
Editorial & Graphics Darryl Ketcham Graphic Designer 919-814-6997
Editorial & Graphics Obelia Exum Supervisor 919-814-6999
Education Chelsea Weger Curator of Education Outreach 919-814-7042
Education Jerry Taylor Videographer 919-814-7035
Education Jessica Pratt Section Chief 919-814-7043
Education Kara Haeseker K12 Outreach Assistant Coordinator 919-814-7042
Education Kathy Gleditsch Head of Volunteer and Intern Services 919-814-7023
Education Kaya Littleturtle Cultural Festival Coordinator 919-814-7039
Education Michelle Carr Curator of Special Programs 919-814-7031
Education Nancy Pennington Youth and Family Programs Coordinator 919-814-7046
Education Percia Swift Assistant Volunteer and Group Programs Coordinator 919-814-7044
Education Sally Bloom Longleaf Film Festival, Distance Learning, Videos on Demand 919-814-7028
Education Stacey Smith Adult Programs 919-814-7032
Marketing Alexa Scattaregia Information and Communication Specialist 919-814-7056
Marketing Brandon Yowell Web Designer 919-814-7038
Marketing Marcie Gordon Director of Communications and Marketing 919-814-7056
Museum of History Associates Julia Einstein Membership Specialist 919-814-6996
Museum of History Associates Mette Berg Controller 919-814-7054
Museum of History Associates Sonya Yankoglu Membership 919-814-7026
Museum of History Associates Tamar Harris Warren Special Events & Engagement Specialist 919-814-7053
Museum Shop Chelsea Jester Register 919-814-6975
Museum Shop Lynn Brower Museum Shop Manager 919-814-6973
NC Museum of History Foundation Carol Grossi Database Manager 919-814-7055
NC Museum of History Foundation Dawn Lowder Director 919-814-7076
NC Museum of History Foundation Hunter Diamond Director of Development 919-814-7077
NC Museum of History Foundation Jim Huebler Foundation CFO