The collection of the North Carolina Museum of History is made up of more than 150,000 artifacts from six centuries. It encompasses a broad range of objects that help interpret the state’s rich history.

One aspect of the Museum of History's mission is to interpret North Carolina history through the acquisition, preservation, and presentation of artifacts. The people who carry out this part of the museum’s mission are registrars and artifact handlers, conservators, and curators. 

  • Registrars and artifact handlers are responsible for evaluating, documenting, storing, moving, and maintaining artifacts. 
  • Conservators preserve objects, using current, professional conservation and restoration techniques. They also provide information and advice to the public during the museum’s quarterly Conservation Assistance Days. 
  • Curators research artifacts and their related topics to place objects into our current and historical lives. They use this knowledge to interpret our collection and to develop exhibitions and to assist other museums and institutions.