Distance Learning for Students

“Visit” the Museum of History through Distance Learning classes that are ready when you are! Our distance learning programs explore topics in North Carolina’s past where students participate in hands-on history opportunities. Due to the increasing popularity of our Distance Learning program, we are currently unable to mail materials to classes/groups (in public, private, or home-based schools) of fewer than 10 students. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but encourage you to use the digital version of the classes.

Educators have two ways to participate in one of these FREE! Distance Learning programs.

1: Complete the registration form, request the DIGITAL format for the program, download the pdf of class materials, prepare any copies you need, and start the video! 


2: Complete the registration form, request the MAILED format for the program.  Please be sure to list the Friday shipping date(s) that you are requesting and note that the date you are requesting may not be available; should this happen we will be in contact with you with alternative options and remember you may always use the digital format. We will ship you all the class materials, including the hands-on replica artifacts or cultural objects, as well as the LINK to the program video. When you receive the shipment, read the instructions and start the video! You must pay return cost of shipping. Raleigh area teachers can pick up the hands-on objects at the museum. 

Most programs can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour. Check back for 9 additional distance learning programs coming soon!

 American Indians in North Carolina

Explore the fascinating history and contemporary culture of North Carolina's American Indian communities. Students will learn and share information about the state's tribes through small group activities, video clips, and class discussion. Focus I includes closer examination of the Coharie, Eastern Band of Cherokee, Sappony, and Waccamaw-Siouan tribes. Focus II emphasizes the Haliwa-Saponi, Lumbee, Meherrin, and Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation tribes. Grades 3–5. 

 History Mystery

How do historians unravel mysteries of the past? What does “stuff” tell us about how people lived long ago? By participating in group discussions and hands-on activities, students learn why the investigative skills of observation, hypothesis, and analysis are important in understanding history. Five different History Mystery topics are available.   Grades 3–5.  

Moccasins to Motorcars

With the help of a time line, learn how modes of transportation have changed and how those changes have affected North Carolinians. Determine the upsides and downsides of different ways of getting around! Students will participate in class discussions and hands-on activities in their discoveries of North Carolina’s transportation history. Grades 3–5. 

Civil War Stories from North Carolina

Why did North Carolina join the Confederacy? Did everyone in the state support the Civil War? What was life like during wartime? This primary-sources based program looks at individual North Carolinians who lived during the Civil War and uses their life experiences and writings to help students understand the choices faced and decisions made in response to the changes brought about by the war. Grades 4–8.