Online Workshop FAQ

Have a question about the North Carolina Museum of History’s online educator workshops? Not sure what an online workshop entails? You’re not alone! Here are some commonly asked questions. Don’t see your question here? Contact Sally Bloom at 919-814-7028 or

Q: How many CEUs can I earn from participating in a workshop?

A: You can earn up to four CEUs (forty contact hours) of a combination of education/social studies; reading/literacy; and/or digital learning competency credits per course. Credits are awarded for each completed workshop assignment. If you do not finish a workshop, you will receive credit for the assignments you have completed. To see a breakdown of credit opportunities for each workshop, look here.

Q: I’m not teaching now but want to maintain my North Carolina teaching certification. Can I take an online workshop for CEU credit?

A: Yes. Many educators who are not currently teaching take these workshops for CEU credit.

Q: I’m not an educator (or I’m a home-schooling parent looking for new information and resources), but I am interested in one of the workshop topics. Can I take the course?

A: Yes. Home-schooling parents and anyone interested in North Carolina history are welcome to take our online workshops. The assignments, which educators must complete to earn credit, are optional.

Q: I’ve never taken an online workshop before and don’t know what to expect. How does it work?

A: Workshops are hosted on Instructure Canvas which is free for you to use. Each workshop runs for six weeks. All workshops consist of five sessions. Each session contains articles, images, outside resources, and an assignment with several options. You may complete ONE option per assignment for credit. Each correctly completed assignment counts for 8 contact hours (.8 CEUs). Certificates will specify the number of hours earned for three types of credits depending upon the options chosen to complete each assignment.

Q: Are the workshops synchronous?

A: Each workshop has a start and end date, but reviewing session material and completing assignments are asynchronous.  Work at your own pace, from your school or home, and in your pajamas if you like!

Q: I teach a subject other than history. Can I still earn CEUs for an online workshop?

A: Yes. Teachers of all subjects (from music to computers to nutrition) and grade levels (from preschool through twelfth grade) have earned credit for our workshops. The assignments are flexible, allowing you to adapt them to the subject and grade level you teach. The workshops and assignments are a great way to incorporate history into your classes for a more holistic educational approach.

Q: What kind of assignments will I have to complete?

A: The assignments range: you might create a lesson plan or virtual field trip, review websites for accuracy and reliability, form a reading list, and/or write an essay or biography. We strive to make the assignments applicable to the classroom.

Q: What kind of documentation will I receive about the CEUs I have earned?

A: A certificate indicating the number of contact hours you have earned will be emailed to you. The certificate will also indicate the general education/social studies; digital competency learning; and/or the reading/literacy credits that have been awarded for assignments.

Q: How can I be sure that my principal or LEA will accept the CEUs I have earned for an on-line workshop?

A: The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has approved the Museum of History’s online workshops for teacher-renewal credits. You may get preapproval from your principal or LEA if you have additional concerns. Your supervisor may also contact Sally Causey Bloom, who will answer questions or clarify the requirements.

Q: I’d like to take an online workshop, but I am going to be out of town for a few days during the course. Will I miss part of it?

A: No. The content of each workshop is available for the duration of the course, and all the assignments are due by the last date of the workshop. You are encouraged to complete assignments as you go through the course, however.

Q: I only need two (or one or three) CEUs. Must I still complete all the assignments?

A: No. Each assignment is worth eight contact hours. You will receive credit for what you have successfully completed, whether it’s one or all five assignments. We encourage you to read all the material even if you don’t complete the assignments!

Q: I have just registered for an online workshop. What happens next?

A: Make sure you paid when you registered by clicking the PayPal button. PayPal allows you to pay with a credit or debit card or with your PayPal account. You will receive an email with instructions and an invitation to join the course on Canvas just before the workshop begins or on the first day of the workshop. After that, you can log on whenever and as often as you wish during the workshop dates.