History at High Noon: Secret Codes, Darkened Windows (VIRTUAL)

History at High Noon: The Hidden History of Raleigh’s LGBTQIA+ Community (VIRTUAL)


Speaker: Heather Leah, Historian, Creator, and Producer, WRAL Hidden History

Join the NC Museum of History for Pride Month with History at High Noon: Secret Codes, Darkened Windows.

Do you know how Pride began? Do you know where Raleigh’s first gay bar was located? Do you know why the Warehouse District became central to Raleigh’s LGBTQIA+ community? Did you realize that, despite the amount of historically significant spaces, there are no landmarks in Raleigh related to the LGBTQIA+ community? Today, you likely walk past some of these important places with no idea of the significant role they played. To keep those stories from being lost, historian Heather Leah explores the sites, struggles, and triumphs that built the foundation of Raleigh’s LGBTQIA+ community.