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Where there is strength today, there is hope for tomorrow. To donate now, click the multi-colored heart—the heart of our state, the one that tells the story we all share—as North Carolinians. 

As we all search for footing, one thing we know for sure—the ground upon which we stand has carried our families through crisis before, some for generations. Every day that we, at the North Carolina Museum of History, reevaluate how to best help you at this time, we think about those who went before us and the moments of triumph they found blended within the fog of tragedy.

We are honored to provide our statewide and global community support in at-home education as we adapt to how different the museum, and all museums, will be as we continue down this road—and wait for a new one. Thank you for your support [].


For problems or additional information about giving, call the museum's Foundation office at 919-814-7076 or complete and submit the contact form below so a representative of the Foundation may contact you. Or, should you prefer, you may contact the Foundation office by mail at the following address:

North Carolina Museum of History Foundation
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