We believe in the future

…and the past helps us prepare for it. At the North Carolina Museum of History, we are dedicated to sharing the stories and narratives of our statewide, national, and international history to inform the stories of tomorrow. As a space for learning, thinking, and sharing, the museum strives to be a resource for all visitors, students, and families both in person and online.

The North Carolina Museum of History was founded in 1902 by Fred A. Olds, who traveled to every North Carolina county gathering artifacts and stories of North Carolinians so that others could learn about the state’s great history. That spirit of sharing and educating is at the foundation of everything we do and why we created the 1902 Legacy Society—to honor our founder’s passion for history while preserving North Carolina stories.

The North Carolina Museum of History Foundation raises financial resources that enable the North Carolina Museum of History to preserve and interpret the history and culture of the Tar Heel State through dynamic exhibitions, educational programming, artifact acquisition, and object conservation.

The museum interprets history through exhibitions, educational programs, and publications available to the visitor on-site or through distance learning technologies. As we look ahead to expanding the building, our education program, developing new and dynamic exhibitions, creating energizing platforms for our annual festivals, and offering quality adult programs and lectures, we need you.

Esse Quam Videri...to be rather than to seem. Together, we can make tomorrow a reality from this shared dream.

Make an Endowment gift today or call us to learn more. There are various options and we are happy to work through those with you. Contact Dawn Lowder at 919.814.7076 or by email at deplowder@aol.com.