Take a look at what you’ll see when you visit the American Indian Heritage Celebration at the North Carolina Museum of History (NCMOH)

If we travel to the NCMOH by car, we will need to find parking. Parking lots and street parking are available, both with ADA accessible spots.

Accessibility mens parking

For more information about drop off, arrival, and parking at the Museum of History, please use this link.

Accessibility museum side of building


Depending on where we park, it might take us a couple of minutes to walk up to the building. We may have to cross a street but crosswalks and sidewalks are available. 


Accessibility museum side


The museum has three entrances. The entrance on Edenton Street (pictured above) has only stairs, but two other entrances are accessible. One accessible entrance faces Jones Street (a good drop-off point) and requires us to cross Fletcher Garden and enter an unmanned door (we can push a button to open them though) where we can take elevators to the lobby level. The other accessible entrance is the main entrance.  
The main entrance (pictured below) faces Bicentennial Plaza, which runs between the State Capitol and the Legislative Building. To the right of these stairs, we’ll find a ramp and a button to open the doors.

Accessibility museum front

Accessibility museum ramp

AIHC Accessibility 7


Once we get inside, we’ll see two information desks. We can ask questions there and . . . 

AIHC Accessibility 5


arrange to borrow a wheelchair.


AIHC Accessibility 6


At the festival, we will see many artists and performers.

AIHC Accessibility 2


Inside and outside spaces will probably be very crowded.


AIHC Accessibility 3


It might get loud at the museum during the festival. If we need to, we can check out a “cool-down” kit at the information desk. It will be similar to the one pictured below.


AIHC Accessibility 4


Every floor has accessible restrooms.


AIHC Accessibility 9


Accessibility women's restroom

Accessibility mens restroom


We’ll also find a Museum Shop near the main entrance of the museum. AIHC Accessibility 8

We hope you enjoy your visit to the North Carolina Museum of History!
About the North Carolina Museum of History
The North Carolina Museum of History is part of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR), whose mission is to improve the quality of life in our state by creating opportunities to experience excellence in the arts, history, libraries and nature in North Carolina.