The Story of North Carolina 360° Student Tour

Explore 14,000 years of history from our 20,000 square foot exhibit, The Story of North Carolina, in 360°—one gallery at a time.

Navigate through each tour by clicking on the white circles to advance. Look in all directions by clicking and holding, as you maneuver your mouse. Or you can move simply by using your keyboard’s arrow keys. Click on the small blue and white circles to watch videos, look at artifacts in 360°, see photos, and “meet” some of the people who shaped our state. Zoom in, spin around, and take a closer look. Reach the end of one tour? Go back and start the next one! Plus, discover engaging educational resources connected to each 360° tour, for students, teachers, everyone!

Want to see the whole exhibit at once? Visit The Story of North Carolina 360˚ Virtual Tour to stroll through the entire 20,000 square-foot exhibit. (Please note, this version does not contain enhanced content.)