The lobby-case exhibit Louis C. Tiffany: Art and Innovation from the Wester Collection features two of the artist’s famous stained-glass windows, a small number of blown-glass vases, and several lamps, including the one shown here.

Louis C. Tiffany’s passion always began and ended with art. An expert craftsman, he went on to open the Tiffany Glass Company (later renamed Tiffany Studios) in 1885, adding a glassmaking factory in 1893.

Tiffany’s expertise spanned across the decorative arts realm. He was a painter and an interior designer, and he crafted objects made from glass, enamelware, pottery, and metal. Tiffany became one of the best-known American proponents of the Art Nouveau style, inspired by the natural world. A master at manipulating whatever media he worked in, Tiffany used his unique talents to evoke natural forms in his artwork.

Different versions of the Tiffany exhibit have been on display at the Museum of the Albemarle and Tryon Palace. 

Beauty is what nature has lavished upon us as a supreme gift.