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Tar Heel Junior Historian Magazine

Tar Heel Junior Historian first magazine got its start in 1961! The North Carolina Museum of History currently publishes this fun and fact-filled youth magazine twice annually. Each issue focuses on a theme related to North Carolina history and culture.

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For a sample of our latest THJH issues, check them out below!

The 1960s: How Does Change Happen?

Can history be boxed into a neat decade? What types of events are remembered over time? These are some of the fascinating questions explored in our Spring 2019 issue of Tar Heel Junior Historian: the tumultuous 1960s.

One thing we know for sure is that North Carolina places and people were at the center of many of that decade’s most important moments, including civil rights, the women’s movement, and the Vietnam War. 




Travel Your State! NC’s Three Regions

Perhaps you have dreams of traveling the world someday. But in our Fall 2018 issue of Tar Heel Junior Historian magazine—with the theme “Travel Your State!”—we remind readers to try a Carolina “staycation” and to explore the natural, cultural, and historical treasures we have in our own backyard.






Blackbeard: Unraveling Secrets from Queen Anne’s Revenge

Dive into this great history-science mashup to see what researchers have recovered from the shipwreck site. Your students will meet underwater archaeologists, conservators, divers, and others from the Queen Anne’s Revenge Conservation Laboratory at East Carolina University, and they'll get a close-up look at how the site's fantastic discoveries are being authenticated and preserved. Plus—learn to “Talk Like a Pirate!” and design your own pirate flag! 





Carolina Style: What Stories Do Our Clothes Tell?

Clothes are unique objects. They’re a necessity (since we can’t really go around naked all the time). But they’re also very personal and meaningful. What we choose to wear says a lot about us. Do you have a favorite T-shirt or an outfit that you love to wear to school? Chance are that there’s something in your closet or dresser that’s extra special to you. Discover the stories our clothes tell in this issue of THJH!