Conservation Assistance Day

The Conservation Branch of the North Carolina Museum of History is offering a new resource for the public: Conservation Assistance Day. Patrons are invited to bring up to three objects to the museum for assessment and advice on care. Appointments are required.

The Museum of History strives to provide a secure environment for its collection. The following items are not allowed in the museum because of the dangers they pose:

  • Objects with live ammunition or unexploded ordnance
  • Textile or wood objects that are infested with mold or pests
  • Hazardous chemicals such as acetone, barium, strychnine, or ether
  • Objects that have been exposed to biological agents, such as cholera or typhoid fever (Some viruses can live on surfaces for long periods.)

Our conservators look forward to offering you their expertise in preserving your heirlooms.

Scheduled Conservation Assistance Days:

•    March 8, 2024 - at the NC Museum of History, Raleigh